25 de dezembro de 2008

Can - Paris 12 May 1973

Disc One: 01 - Whole People Queueing (36:38) 02 - One More Night (9:08)
Disc Two: 01 - Spoon / Stars & Lines (32:09) 02 - Vitamin C (13:44)
Holger Czukay - Bass
Michael Karoli - Guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - Drums
Irmin Schmidt - Keyboards
Damo Suzuki - Vocals

Drum Circus - Magic Theatre (1971)

Grupo da Suiça que desenvolve um som meio jazz, meio psicodélico, meio space rock, tendo duas faixas cujas letras foram escritas por Timothy Leary, o ideólogo da lisergia

Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship - Blows Against The Empire (1970)

Frumpy - Live (1972)

. Keep On Going (12:06)2. Singing Songs (8:54)3. Backwater Blues (4:56)4. Duty (17:35)5. To My Mother (11:34)6. Release (22:00)7. Take Care Of Illusion (8:54)Bonus Tracks8. Duty (7:33)9. Floating (12:14)
- Inga Rumpf / vocals, guitar
- Jean-Jacques Kravetz / keyboards
- Rainer Baumann / guitar
- Karl-Heinz Schott / bass
- Carsten Bohn / drums

Kamæleon - Kamæleon (1978)

Bass - Jens JefsenDrums - Poul PoulsenEngineer [Ass. Engineer] - Thomas BrecklinEngineer, Mixed By - Flemming RasmussenGuitar - Uffe Steen JensenKeyboards - Fini HøstrupPercussion - Steen RåhaugeProducer - KamæleonProducer, Mixed By - Freddy Hansson

Walrus - Walrus (1970)

Prog britânico com pitadas de jazz, blues e uma excelente versão de "Coloured Rain" do Traffic

Ultimate Spinach - Behold And See (1968)

Rock psicodélico bem elaborado e viajandão.

Touch - Touch (1969)

"TOUCH may have possibly been the first American progressive rock band, although there are counterclaims from supporters of equally neglected/forgotten United States Of America and now the hindsighted claims for ZAPPA & The MOTHERS OF INVENTION. However, (unlike USA and ZAPPA) on hearing much of TOUCH’s small catalogue of progressive music one might be forgiven for saying it was influenced by the early British prog bands, but for the facts they were formed in the mid 60’s and released their only complete album 'Touch' in early 1969 in the USA/mid 1969 in the UK. In other words their music, their ideas and their special album, predates CRIMSON’s « In The Court » and the first RENAISSANCE album.Lead by the former garage pop/rocker Don Gallucci, (inventor of the timeless Louie Louie keyboard riff in 1963 when 15, then with the Kingsmen), he brought together guitarist Joey Newman and vocalist Jeff Hawks into Don & The Goodtimes. With TV appearances, they had a pop hit « I Could Be So Good To You ». But exposed to more ambitious bands, such as JEFFERSON AIRPLANES and the BEATLES expanding the language of rock, and The GOODTIMES themselves increasing in their music maturity, Gallucci and Newman felt compelled to move away from the limitations of 3 minute pop songs. As a result the innovative, seminal and specifically, archetypal prog song, 75, was written in early 1967. Musically and name-wise Don & The Goodtimes metamorphosed into TOUCH, while their fans thought they looked and had gone weird. John Bordorano and Bruce Hauser were added on drums and bass respectively. By late 1967, (to quote the band) "they had freed themselves of musical suppression and had a release of pent up creativity resulted in a flood of new musical ideas, while hallucinogenic experiences and metaphysical philosophy had given those ideas shape". And also during the end of 1967/early 1968 they had recorded their eponymously titled album.Praise for TOUCH’s music came from many well known rock artists, e.g. Hendrix (who part bank rolled studio costs of the recording), and Mick Jagger. Glowing endorsements as to the influence of TOUCH have been made subsequently by Jon Anderson and Kerry Livgren – see the liner notes of the Renaissance Records reissue on CD. And the album as an import, was played heavily by the DJs in the London underground clubs – where future British prog stars relaxed in the early hours of the morning, after a hard days night gigging." (Dick Heath progarchives)

Stonewall - Stoner (1974)

Heavy rock de primeiríssima qualidade. Bastante pesado. Vale a pena conferir.

Lorus - Deluge (2007)

"What would happen if Tool, Melvins and Mogwai all had a gangbang in the back of a tour bus? Their bastard offspring would be called Lorus. Raised by King Crimson with a little strict discipline from Mr. Bungle, Lorus is an avant metal band formed by guitarist Dylan Burr and keyboardist Alan Lawrence. Lorus' music blends divergent genres and synthesizes them with a heavier end, finding new and groundbreaking avenues for heavy music. Playing alongside Dylan and Alan is bassist Chris Brown, Lorus most recent addition, sets an anti-circular, driving tempo. Accessible, inexplicable, experimental, lugubrious and other .75 cent words. How can one band be both? Check www.lorusband.com and here for show dates and deeper explanation." http://cdbaby.com/cd/lorus

Popol Vuh - Letzte Tage - Letzte Nächte (1976)

"A sumptuous, pastoral, mystical album that pursues on the way launched by the seminal "Eisnjäger & Siebenjäger" and "Seligpresung". Popol Vuh are at the summit of their career. The atmosphere is totally fascinating, perfectly controlled emotionally with very pleasant, spiritual moments. We are far from their two first challenged "ethnic" electronic, meditative works and really more into guitars / piano / female vocals combination. The vocal melodies of the soprano Djon Yun are especially beautiful and ethereal. Daniel Fichelscher's dreamy and clean guitar playing is pretty effective and well accompanied by the serenity of Florian Fricke's piano playing. Next to the massive "Hosianna Mantra", "Seligpresung" and "Eisnjäger & Siebenjäger" this one is the fourth classic album offered by the band." (Philippe Blache progarchives.com)

Hoelderlin - Live Traumstadt (1978)

"This is a very underrated German progressive rock band! The double-album “Hoelderlin Live - Traumstadt” is their finest work and showcases the band at their pinnacle. It’s still considered as one of the milestones in the German rock history and has some similarities with other German progrock band Grobschnitt concerning the long solos, visual effects, costumes and humor. The music was recorded in the Wuppertaler Opernhaus in October ’77, the 2-LP was released in ’78. The band was hit by multiple changes in the line- up, on "Traumstadt" the musicians were Joachim Grumbkow (keyboards and vocals on “Streaming”), Pablo Weeber (all guitars), Michael Bruchmann (drums), Cristoph ‘Nops’ Noppeney (lead vocals and violin) and Hans Baar (bass). All the nine melodic tracks have their own climate and features fluid accellarations, nice interludes, pleasant keyboards (string-ensemble, electric piano, organ and clavinet) and great interplay between electric guitar and violin. But the focus is on the solowork: fiery (“Sun Rays”), biting (“Soft Landing”) and howling (“Die Stadt”) on the electric guitar and exciting (“Streaming”) and spectacular (“Die Stadt”) on the violin. Many solos are supported by the wonderful and distinctive sound of the string-ensemble, a compelling combination! Recommended, especially to fans of the violin playing of Jean Luc Ponty and Eddie Jobson." (Erik Neuteboom progarchives.com)

Brian Auger - Brian Auger's Oblivion Express (1970)

"After the last throes of Trinity, Brian decided to form a new band from scratch and allow for more instrumental space in his music. And what a departure this was from the Trinity days. Here the music took a more severe turn away from his previous sound while remaining accessible, but being much more energetic as well and combined jazz and rock even further. With Dean and McIntosh as a solid rhythm section, Brian had to look for a guitarist that wouldn’t be tempted to overdo his own antics on the keyboards and eventually he chose Jim Mullen. With the artwork depicting our favourite Ogre unleashing his Oblivion Express out of his chest and straight into your face and ears, it’s easy to see that Brian is the boss with the majority of the compositions to his name. Certainly one of the better hard Hammond-driven rock albums coming out of the early 70’s from England, Brian Auger's Oblivion Express is a 100 MPH album that gives no rest." (Hugues Chantraine progarchives.com)