24 de junho de 2008

Minha aristokráutica predileta

16 de junho de 2008

PLUS The Seven Deadly Sins (1970)

É essa sonzeira toda que vc. está imaginando e um pouquinho mais. Altamente recomendado

15 de junho de 2008

Country Lane - Substratum

Excepcional grupo hardprog da Suiça . Peso, técnica e melodia como tem que ser. Faz um bom par com McOil (All Our Hopes)

Eela Craig - Missa Universalis (1978)

The fourth album from one of Austria's best prog bands is an ambitious though probably less than successful attempt to place a Roman Catholic mass in a progressive rock context. Unlike similar earlier attempts by The Electric Prunes (Mass in F Minor-1967) and German band Os Mundi (Latin Mass-1971, posted Jan 30 2006) this seems overtly religious with what may seem to be some preachy bits. Sung in four languages - if you can ignore (that is if you want to) the Christian messages what you have is some elaborate, complex symphonic prog.

Ocean - God's Clown (1976)

Information on this obscure French band is hard to come by, but I did find a review of a later album on a Metal site, so I assume they changed musical direction sometime after releasing this, their first album. This is a real tasty slice of progressive rock, with English vocals, and they manage to bring to mind a more proggy Led Zeppelin, or maybe a harder rockin' King Crimson! Very nice addition to any prog collection.

Minotaurus - Fly Away (1978)

Moira - Moira (1984)

Also known as "Reise Nach Ixtlan", the second release from hopelessly obscure band Moira is a monster of Krautrock fusion. Neither of their albums has had a legitimate CD reissue, and I was lucky enough to locate a rip of a bootleg CD, there is at least one real bad vinyl rip floating around. Mostly straightforward instrumental jazz-rock dominated by a Hammond organ, Moog, and some great guitar playing, some incredible drumming and brilliant bass playing. The second track is a short piece with only flute and percussion. Favorite track is "Einsame Schatten", the only track with vocals. Man these guys were good.

La Düsseldorf - Viva (1978)

La Düsseldorg was formed by Klaus Dinger and Hans Lampe after the breakup of NEU!. Their second album is a real gem of late 70's krautrock, the music is brilliant and powerful, clearly having NEU! influences, but also maybe some of the attitude of 70's punk! The last track, the 20 minute long "Cha Cha 2000" is a krautrock classic.

Anyone's Daughter - Adonis (1979)

Steeleye Span - Peel's Sunday Concert 9-15-71

Good sounding FM broadcast featuring the best Steeleye Span lineup. If you're a Steeleye Span fan you need this, it's great!1. False Knight On The Road2. The Lark In The Morning3. Reels:Dowd's Favourite/10 Pound Float/Musical Priest4. Captain Coulston5. Handsome Polly-O6. Bring 'em Down7. Four Nights Drunk8. When I Was On Horseback9. I Live Not Where I Love10. The Wind That Shakes The Barley/Pigeon On The Gate/Jenny's chickens11. Female Drummer12. General Taylor13. Reels: College Grove/Silver Spear/Bally Murphy's Raike/Maid Behind The Bar14. The Blacksmith (from US TV)Steeleye Span Mk 2 (April 1970 - November 1971)Tim Hart, Peter Knight, Maddy Prior, Martin Carthy, Ashley Hutchings

Ten Wheel Drive - Construction No. 1 (1969)

Ten Wheel Drive were a great jazzy rock band fronted by a female singer, Genya Ravan, who sounded something like Janis Joplin. The band was tight, the arrangements were great, and they made some real gutsy rock and roll. They rocked way harder that better known similar groups like Chicago or Blood Sweat and Tears, it's a shame their music seems to have been forgotten.

Please - Seeing Stars (1969)

Recorded in 1969 and unreleased for over 30 years, this is a real lost gem of British underground rock. The players on this had been in or would be in such bands as T2, Bulldog Breed, The Flies, and Gun. Well-crafted songs, first-rate vocals, big Mellotron, fantastic guitar playing and all around excellent musicianship make this an album that gets better with each listen.

Faithful Breath - Back On My Hill (1980)