2 de maio de 2008

ARCADIUM - Breathe Awhile (1969)



Formed in mid-1969,a very early prog group. They made an album and a single before splitting. Both became incredibly rare, but Repertoire has reissued Breathe Awhile with the single tracks as bonuses-effectively the group's collected works. Very heavy and atmospheric hard-rocking stuff, with lots of organ and 12-string acoustic guitar. Breathe Awhile is described as being "full of anguish and despair, even in the quieter moments" but the anguish and despair is almost never strong, and quiet moments are rare. The group is a lot like Led Zepplin, the album is a non-stop roller coaster of speed and agression with no relief, the few and fleeting slow parts are only build-ups to the fast parts, and utter lack of contrast causes what little emotion is sprinkled throughout to sound bland, worn out by never-ending attempts to thrill. Breathe Awhile is one over-sized finale with no beginning nor epilogue, and worthwhile only for those who like continuously agressive and climactic music. Either a great group that didn't fulfil their potential or a bad group that made a fair album. The latter seems most likely, as the playing (especially the vocals) is too pompous. In particular, the frightfully incessant and astoundingly arrogant "Woman of a Thousand Years" is one of the worst prog tunes ever: brainless organ beats behind Robert Plant-style vocals and preachy lyrics, broken by a choral singing of the title. How pretentious can you get? In contrast, the 10-minute "Birth, Life and Death" opens with 6 minutes of crafty and glorious instrumentation (Birth). The vocal period (Life) mourns human life as a simple game of limited choice, then climaxes with a choral chant (Death). If you have nothing better to buy, get this album and try listening to this song first; it's by far their best, but its impact is deflated by the fact that most of the album is climactic. The single A-side, "Sing My Song", is filled with lonely organ,gentle guitar, and some striking riffs. The B-side, "Riding Alone", is similar but better, though brief. -- Robert Orme

MICHAEL QUATRO - In Collaboration with the Gods (1975)

Hard prog do irmão da lendária rockeira Suzi Quatro, a Suzy Q do Creedence Clearwater Revival. Excelente album desse tecladista que prima em fazer versões em música rock para clássicos da música erudita, como a impagável Rollerbach do album subsequente, ou então em compor belos rocks sinfônicos LINK FOR DOWNLOAD: CLICK IN TITLE OF THESE POST

TERRY CALLIER -What Color Is Love (1972 US)

Like the artist himself, the music on this brilliant album defies all categories, embracing Terry Callier's wide range of influences and experiences. Callier's musical kaleidoscope is filled with funk, rock, folk, jazz, and even classical influences. "Dancing Girl" opens the album with Charles Stepney's majestic orchestration. This opus is the album's pinnacle, moving with soft intensity toward soul-stirring crescendos. Songs like "What Color Is Love" and "Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun)," an elegant antiwar prayer of confusion, somehow avoid clichés or take them to another level. "You Goin' to Miss Your Candyman" was made popular by Urban Species when they sampled it on "Listen" in the early '90s, and not surprisingly, it sounds better in its original form. No matter where you turn, Callier's passionate voice captures the sweeping drama of the human condition. A lost romantic amid "concrete front yards," this album is a must-have for any music connoisseur. 1 Dancing Girl Callier 9:03 2 What Color Is Love Callier 4:06 3 You Goin' Miss Your Candyman Braxton, Callier 7:21 4 Just as Long as We're in Love Callier, Wade 3:42 5 Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun) Callier 4:21 6 I'd Rather Be With You Butler, Callier, Wade 6:40 7 You Don't Care Callier, Wade 5:29 Texto extraído de allmusic guide