27 de setembro de 2008

Unrestricted War Planned by China

Lev Navrozov

When I mention, say, the development in China of nano super weapons, capable of winning war without waging it (as Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese strategist would have put it), some of my readers ask me in their e-mails — respectfully and good-naturedly — whether I can adduce the proofs of that apocalypse of the West I envisage. I have been told by a Chinese that the Chinese “Manhattan Projects,” developing post-nuclear super weapons, are located deep in the rocky mountains so that nobody could drill a hole in the walls, in the floor and/or the ceiling to get a glimpse into what is being done within. So a special mobile drill should be constructed for me (at the cost of $100 billion?) to move into those rocky mountains, drill a hole in them, sufficient to get out a half-ready nano super weapon and bring it before Western TV cameras as proof of development of nano super weapons in China.


Nanotechnology: The Weapon of the Future

By Lev Navrozov
Let us suppose that in 1933, when Hitler came to power, the United States didn't have a single soldier or a single weapon. In 1933, Einstein and his family were living outside Germany and he came to the United States, biding time, when there was an anti-Semitic looting in Germany, but The New York Times printed the statements of members of the newly formed Nazi government who condemned the looting and promised law and order. Einstein was inclined to return to Germany, but their home was also looted. So he stayed in the United States. In an Aug. 2, 1939 letter to President Roosevelt about the possibility of development of nuclear weapons, Einstein mentioned "Joliot in France." Joliot was married to a daughter of Marie Curie, who had received for her "work on radioactivity" two Nobel prizes — in 1903 and 1911! With the help of Einstein and other émigré scientists, nuclear weapons could perhaps have been developed in the United States not between 1939 and 1945, but between 1934 and 1940, and Germany would have accepted unconditional surrender as did Japan in 1945.

China Developing the Ultimate Super Weapon

Lev Navrozov
In 1945, the ultimate super weapon was the atom bomb. I am interested in the ultimate super-weapon of today, since if there is any chance that the development of it will succeed, this is the weapon the dictatorship of China has been developing to annihilate the free West at a blow (or make it surrender unconditionally). The goal of eliminating the source of subversion is too important for the dictatorship of China to be deterred by financial losses or a possibility of a failure. Recall that 100,000 riots or protests occur every year in China, and the dictatorship may be overthrown (recall Tiananmen with its replica of the Statue of Liberty) unless it annihilates or subjugates the free West. In an e-mail to me, dated Aug. 20, Richard Mross wrote, "Your articles about China and recent history are interesting, and very informative and chilling. I am convinced that China is vigorously pursuing post-nuclear superweapons, and I’m sure they are successfully hiding this from the West. But why then are they also spending so much money on conventional weapons like aircraft carriers, missiles, submarines?"